Adopted April 2014

Executive Summary

The Southwest Lincoln County Water District, now PUD, presents its 2014 Water Management and Conservation Plan (WMCP) to the Water Resources Department (WRD) and interested parties. The Water District submitted a Water Management and Conservation Plan in 2004 in response to the requirements of WRD Permit S-52498. This Water Management and Conservation Plan is an update of that plan as directed by Oregon Administration Rules (OAR) 690-315 and 690-086.

The Water District (PUD) believes this WMCP outlines a plan to effectively manage its present water rights; both certificated and permitted, and provide a means for developing a comprehensive strategy for meeting its municipal water supply needs over the next twenty years. The plan attempts to enhance management techniques of the state’s water resources by maintaining and improving the efficiency of the Water District’s (PUD’s) water system, thereby meeting the intent of the regulations defined under the Division 86 rules.

water conservation/management plan