Southwest Lincoln County Water PUD is divided into 5 routes. Your service address is in one of the 5 listed routes.  Each routes meters are read on a specified Monday every month. Route 1 is read the first Monday of every month. Route 2 is read the second Monday of every month. Route 3 is read the third Monday of every month. Routes 4 and 5 are read the fourth Monday of every month.  Your payment is due the Friday before it is read again. The meters are read in cubic feet.  All water customers are billed the base rate plus the water usage every month.

         Route 1 Route 2 Route 3 Route 4
NE Alder St NE Arizona St SW Airport Ave SW Adahi Ave
SW Azalea Ln SW Alicia Ln
NE Big Cedar St NE Barclay Ave SW Ann St
NE Brubaker St NE Blodgett Rd SW Beachside Ln
SW Burl Dr SW Breakers Crt
NE & NW Chipmunk St NE & SW California St SW Breakers Dr
NE Crabapple Dr NE Camp One Rd SW Crestline Dr SW Breakers Way
NW Colfax Ave
NE Eastline Rd NW Colorado St SW Division Dt SW Corona Crt & Pl
NE Evans Crt
NE Evergreen Ln Dicks Ford Rd Easy St SW Dahlia Ln
NE Dorning St SW Eriksen Ave
NE Foothills Ln SW Edgewater Dr
NE Forest Hill St NW Finisterre Ave SW Field Ave
SW Flansberg Ave SW Fehrenbacher Dr
NE Hays Crt NE George D. St SW Flower Ln SW Fernwood Dr & Ln
NE Hemlock Dr NE Goodwin Ave
NE Hideaway Ln SW Iris Ln SW La Barre Dr
NE Highland Ave
NW North Ave SW Kamela Pl SW Range Dr
NE & NW Idaho St
NE Oceanwayside Ln SE Midge Ln SW Seabrook Ln & Way
NW Kansas St SW Sea Way Lp
NW Perch St NW Kimball Crt SW Neal Ave SW Seawoods Terr
NW Knoxville St SW Newton SW Sherwood Ln
NE Reynolds Ln SW Southmayd Ln & Way
NW Lois Lane SW Pacific Sands Dr
NW & NE Salmon St SW Tara Ln
NE Seaview St NE Mason Ave SW Read Dr
NW Spencer St NE Montana St SW Waziyata Ave
NW Spindrift St SW Seahawk St SW Whitecap Dr
NE Star Creek Dr NW Nebraska St SW Seneca Pl
NE Starr Creek Rd NW Nevada St SW Stormwatch Ave 788 – 3978 SW Pac Cst Hwy
SW Surf Pines Ln
NW Trout St Oklahoma St Route 5
NE, NW & SW Oregon St Sw Tillicum Dr SW Adahi Ave
NE Vine Maple Lp SW Ann St
NE Vingie St NE Rhodedendron SW Wakeetum Dt
SW Wakonda Beach Rd SW Corona Crt & Pl
NE Wax Myrtle Lp NE Shorepine Crest St
NE Wiedman Crt NW Stone Ave 4149 – 7552 SW Pac Cst Hwy NW & SW Crestline Dr
NW Willa St NE Sunset St
Dahl Ave
2056 – 4534 Hwy 101 N Texas St
NW Tunahaff Ave SW Kathleen
NW Utah St SW Range Dr
NW Washington St SW Waziyata
NW Wooldridge Ln
NW & NE Wyoming St 880 – 1353 SW Pac Cst Hwy
4548 – 8622 Hwy 101 N