Call to Order: The regularly scheduled meeting of the Southwest Lincoln County Water PUD on May 8, 2019 was cancelled and rescheduled due to no quorum being present. It was rescheduled to May 15, 2019. Also rescheduled was the Budget Hearing to June 12, 2019. The rescheduled meeting of the SWLCWPUD was called to order at 10:02 AM, Wednesday May 15, 2019 by Donald Tucker.

Present: The Directors present were Donald Tucker, Gary Hodges, Lee Parr and William Turner. Also present were Larry Anthony, Andy Bacigalupo and Megan Jones.

Conflict of Interest: No conflicts were noted.

Minutes: The minutes of the April 10, 2019 regular Board meeting minutes were reviewed. Gary Hodges made a motion to accept the minutes as presented; Lee Parr seconded the motion and the minutes were approved.

Bills: The Directors discussed the bills for May 2019. William Turner made a motion to approve the bills for payment; Gary Hodges seconded the motion and the bills were approved for payment.

Treasury Report: The Treasury Report as of April 30, 2019 was as follows: the balance of the investments 3/31/19 of $648,995.90 was comprised of – General Fund, $117,500.23; Construction Fund, $98,505.69; Equipment Fund, $11,127.61; Water Works Fund, $253,035.50; Bond Fund, $130,427.87 and SDWRF, $3015.16. With the addition of interest for May of $1,384.40, the balance in investment accounts is $650,380.30.

Previous Business: Personnel policy review and update moved to June meeting. How to determine COLA raise also moved to June meeting. Vote on Director positions moved to June meeting and Carla’s independent contractor agreement moved to June meeting. Pete Gintner will be bringing a response letter to Bruce Overbeck as well. Correspondence and Reports: Customer David Kading wanted a credit to his account for payment of a high-water bill. Gary Hodges thought we should change policy and put a credit on his account and acquiesce to future such instances. Don Tucker and Andy Bacigalupo thought we should stick with current policy and not give a credit or refund when customers ask now and in the future. The Board agreed with that. Megan Jones composed a letter in response to David Kading regarding wanting a credit posted to his account for high water use. She conferred with the District Superintendent before mailing it off.

Other items of Interest: There has been no interest shown in the open Director position from the voter list. Megan Jones has asked two registered voters, and both declined.

Adjournment: William Turner made a motion to adjourn the meeting; Gary Hodges seconded the motion and the meeting was adjourned at


Gary Hodges Director