Call to Order:   The meeting of the Southwest Lincoln County Water PUD was called to order at 10 AM, Wednesday April 10, 2019 by Donald Tucker.

Present:   The Directors present were Donald Tucker, Robert Whitson, Gary Hodges, Lee Parr and William Turner. Also present were Andy Bacigalupo, Dave Whitlock, Carla Young, Megan Jones, Scott Andry, Chris Brugato, Michael Fought, Colleen Pedroza, Victor Bayley and Michael Hempen. Larry Anthony, a budget committee member arrived late, but was on time for the budget hearing. Absent were Pete Gintner and Dick Esler.

Conflict of Interest:   No conflicts were noted.

Minutes:   The minutes of the March 13, 2019 regular Board meeting minutes were reviewed. Gary Hodges made a motion to accept the minutes as presented; Robert Whitson seconded the motion and the minutes were approved.

Bills:   The Directors discussed the bills for April 2019. William Turner made a motion to approve the bills for payment; Andy Bacigalupo seconded the motion and the bills were approved for payment.

Treasury Report:   The Treasury Report as of March 31, 2019 was as follows: the balance of the investments 2/28/19 of $647,568.68 was comprised of – General Fund, $116,962.07; Construction Fund, $98,051.52; Equipment Fund, $11076.65; Water Works Fund, $251,876.57; Bond Fund, $129,8/30.50; and SDWRF, $3,001.35 . With the addition of interest for April of $1427.22, the balance in investment accounts is $648,995.90.

Visitors:   Scott Andry the public works director for the City of Waldport was here with Chris Brugato an engineer for WesTech and the engineer on record for the City of Waldport and Michael Faught with Dig Deep Research were here to give a presentation. They discussed the industrial park and the water supply and fire protection requirements of the 150-acre park. The city has a LEOF (Local Economic Opportunity Fund) Grant project. They are looking into an intertie system from Newport to Yachats. We already have an intertie system with Waldport. They are doing a feasibility study for capitol improvement projects and would like a copy of our master plan so they can finalize their plan in June. They spoke of running a water line across the Alsea Bay Bridge. The discussion of running the line under the bay is not feasible. They would like to be on the agenda for next month as well.

Budget Committee Meeting:   The Budget Committee Meeting was called to order at 10:47 AM. Larry Anthony was unanimously chosen to be the Budget Committee Chairman. The regular meeting was adjourned to have the Budget Committee Meeting.

RE: Adjournment of regular board meeting: The regular Board Meeting was re adjourned.

Previous Business: Dave stated that we have 8 fire hydrants in the city of Waldport. Directors asked about the progress of the Master Plan. Dave said Civil West are still working on the seismic plan. Directors want to know a breakdown of replacing water lines relative to cost.  

Previous business of the Personnel Policy Update, Finance Officer Position – Executive Session per ORS 192.660 and COLA increases was tabled until the next regularly scheduled Board meeting.

New Business:   The vote on PUD positions was postponed until next regularly scheduled Board meeting. William Turner said he was resigning his Director position on the PUD Board and nominated Andy Bacigalupo to take his place. Robert Whitson is resigning his position on the Water District Board and PUD Board as he is moving out of the water district. Larry Anthony will replace Robert Whitson on the District Board.

Correspondence And Reports:   We had a disgruntled water customer leave a note on a doorhanger and put it in the drop box and flip an employee off as they drove away. Such is life. We also had a water customer, Bruce Overbeck, send a letter to the Board asking for reimbursement of his rental. Mr. Overbeck had people renting his house when we had a water outage on Nebraska St. in December. He refunded his renters and wants us to refund him. The Board would like a letter drafted in response to Mr. Overbeck stating that we will not refund him his money. I notified Pete by email and emailed and spoke with Spencer Rockwell from SDAO. Mr. Rockwell had nothing to say except that we should get advice from our personal legal counsel. Pete is drafting a letter for the Board. Megan sent a letter to Mr. Overbeck stating that we are investigating the issue.

Other items of Interest:   None stated.

Adjournment:   Gary Hodges made a motion to adjourn the meeting; Lee Parr seconded the motion and the meeting was adjourned at noon.


Gary Hodges, Director Board of PUD