Primary Water Line Installation

                                          By A Property Owner and/or Contractor

                                     SW Lincoln County Water PUD (SWLCWPUD)

                                                        Adopted – 12 March 2014

In addition to SWLCWPUD’s ‘Water Services, Fees, Rates, and Related Rules’, the following requirements apply to a property owner and/or property owner’s licensed contractor (installer) SWLCWPUD approved to install primary water lines. A primary water line is any line from a SWLCWPUD water source up to and including the meter.

  1. A copy of the Lincoln County approved Plot Plan and any required State of Oregon Health Division approval shall be provided to the SWLCWPUD.
  2. A copy of the development or partition engineering plan and any succeeding changes for primary water line installation shall be provided to the SWLCWPUD’s Professional Engineer for review and preapproval prior to the affected work.
  3. Existing water service easements shall be used if practical. If a new easement is required, SWLCWPUD easement filing forms shall be used. Each completed new easement form and a copy of affected property owner agreements shall be provided, before filing, to the SWLCWPUD for review and approval.  The installer may file a new easement with Lincoln County only with SWLCWPUD approval.  A copy of each recorded easement shall be provided to the SWLCWPUD.
  4. Work shall commence only with all necessary permits and engineering plans in place and written approval from the SWLCWPUD Field Superintendent.
  5. The installer of primary water lines is fully responsible for all costs of installation.
  6. Work shall be done during normal and reasonable working hours and shall meet existing   State of Oregon water service line standards.
  7. Materials used shall meet specifications and brands designated by the SWLCWPUD.
  8. An eighteen (18) gauge copper tracer wire shall be installed with all underground pipe in accordance with SWLCWPUD specifications.
  9. The SWLCWPUD Field Superintendent reserves the right to inspect work during working hours without prior notice.
  10. For a period of one year from the date of SWLCWPUD acceptance of the installation, the installer shall be responsible for any necessary repair or replacement, including all related costs. This includes pipe, fittings, fire hydrants, valves and all other items related to the installation.
  11. On the date of the SWLCWPUD’s written acceptance of the installation, all installed primary water lines become SWLCWPUD property.