Call to Order: The regularly scheduled meeting of the Southwest Lincoln County Water PUD was called to order at 10:20 AM, Wednesday July 10, 2019 by Donald Tucker.

Present: The Directors present were Donald Tucker, Gary Hodges, Lee Parr and Andy Bacigalupo. Also present were David Whitlock and Megan Jones. There was no public present.

Conflict of Interest: There were no conflicts of interest stated.

Minutes: The minutes of the June 10, 2019 scheduled Board meeting minutes were reviewed. Gary Hodges made a motion to accept the minutes as presented; Lee Parr seconded the motion and the minutes were approved.

Bills: The Directors discussed the bills for July 2019. Gary Hodges made a motion to approve the bills for payment; Lee Parr seconded the motion and the bills were approved for payment.

Treasury Report: The Treasury Report as of July 31, 2019 was as follows: the balance of the investments 6/30/19 of $653,240.64 was comprised of – General Fund, $118,040.82; Construction Fund, $98,958.89; Equipment Fund, $11,178.81; Water Works Fund, $254,199.64; Bond Fund, $167,126.89 and SDWRF, $3699.59. With the addition of interest for July of $1440.38, the balance in investment accounts is $653,204.64.

Previous Business: The personnel policy is moved back to a later date. The company name will be updated in the policy. We have found no one to replace Bob Whitson’s Board position for the PUD. Donald Tucker was going to contact Pete Gintner regarding a letter to mail to voters that would generate interest in the open position. Resolution 19-01, Gary Hodges made a motion to accept the Resolution to raise employee wages Yearly wage increase: yearly at the start of the fiscal year equal to the percent change of the previous 12 months in the CPI, Western Region or that area which may be deemed closest to the SWLCWPUD. Andy Bacigalupo seconded the motion and it was approved. Resolution 19-02, Megan Jones presented Carla Young’s options for increased water rates. These Water Rate options were discussed. Gary Hodges made a motion to approve the 5% Increase: increase on the base rates and usage rates. Lee Parr seconded the motion and the rate increase was unanimously approved.

New Business: The Board of Directors would like Carla Young to address the annual projected revenue vs. the budget. The Board discussed changing the format of the CCR. And the Board discussed the benefits of a hit counter for our website. One was installed on August 7, 2019. Donald Tucker updated the Board about his fill in position on the Board of the YRFP District.

Correspondence And Reports: We received a phone call and email from Janet Kent on July 12, 2019 regarding a sizable credit left on her accounts. It is SWLCWPUD’s policy that any money left owing or credited on an account at the time of sale transfers with the property and it is stated in our Rules and Regulations. The title company was made aware of the credit at the time of closing. Ms. Kent was advised of our policy. The new owners called to verify the credit and stated they would be issuing her a check.

Other Items Of Interest: There were no other items of interest.

Adjournment: Gary Hodges made a motion to adjourn the meeting; Lee Parr seconded the motion and the meeting was adjourned at 11 am.

Gary Hodges Director