Call to Order:




The Meeting of the Southwest Lincoln County Water District

was called to order at 10:10 A.M., Wednesday,

March 11, 2020 by Chairman Donald Tucker.









The Board members present were Donald Tucker, Gary Hodges

and Andrew Bacigalupo. Also present were Corey Blake of

Mcpherson Gintner & Diaz , Carla Young, David Whitlock

and Dolores Gutierrez.

Guests present: Roxie Cuellar, Larry Hall and Robert Langly.

Conflict of Interest:



Donald Tucker asked if there were any “Conflicts of

Interest”. None were stated.











Minutes were prepared for January 8, 2020. Carla Young

presented the minutes. Minutes were read, no questions were stated.

Andy Motioned that Jan.8, 2020 minutes to be approved, Gary

seconded the motion. Minutes for Jan. 8th approved.

minutes for February 12, 2020 read minutes, no questions, Don

motioned for Feb. 12, 2020 minutes to be approved, Gary seconded.

minutes for Feb. 12 approved.

minutes for special meeting were not available. Need to be






The Board discussed the bills for March 11, 2020. Gary Hodges

made a motion to approve the bills; Andrew Bacigalupo seconded

the motion and the bills were approved for payment.

Treasury Report:


No treasury report was prepared.


Old Business:





Update on Megan’s unemployment. Don stated that we need to hire

a part time person to assist in the office. Don and Andy went to

Heceta Water PUD and met with the District Manager and the office

clerk. Haceta also made change from District to PUD.

Financial Reports:










Brittany Hornung (accountant)was not able to be present and

Carla was not able to review on report from Brittany. Report

was reviewed, report was not quite up to date.

David Whitlock needs budget totals to buy pumps. Error in coding

from Education fund was discussed.

Master Plan last payment for Civil



PAGE 2                                         03/11/2020




Temporary Position:









The Directors need to hire regular part time help for the

office that can also work full time hours during vacations and

sick days of other employees. We need a list of duties for

the temporary part time position needed, cross training would

need to be done.

Don said that the billing clerk should be called a Billing

Specialist, Andy second it. Don will work on defining job

descriptions. Don asked for an update on update on job titles

and possible hiring of a water plant back up – operator.

Board Applicants


















Don expressed appreciation of the board applicants for attending

meeting and their interest in becoming board members. Don

nominated Roxie Cuellar for Subdivision 1 and approved.

There were four applicants for Subdivision 4, Don nominated

Franklin Sherikow, moved by Gary and Andy second the motion to

approve Roxie Cuellar and Franklin Sherikow to be on the Board

of Directors.

Don stated that we might want to call the other applicants for

help when needed.

Don will notify County Clerk,

Resolution 2020-001 making information available to the public.

Don read – establishing meeting dates so the public has access

to information. Don motioned and Gary 2nd.

Ord #1 Drafted by Corey and Pete defines 5 subdivision on

the website.

Property adjoining the office:







Don asked about the property insurance; how often is it

reviewed. It is reviewed once a year per Carla.

Access everything pertaining to the property. Discussion

On the possible sale of the vacant lot, possibly have realtor

And appraiser to look at property. And put on listing.

percolation test suggested. Possibly having septic system put in.

Don mentioned Andy in working hard and taking effort in changes

to the PUD looking forward to the modernization and updating






Megan Jones appeal for (denial)unemployment, voluntarily quit,

Don talked with the administrative law Judge on March 3rd.

final notice was issued denying her unemployment. She still

can appeal the decision.

Website and other Updates: David updated on the CCR being ready and waiting for the URL

address to directly be able to access on internet. Dolores

will update website. Dolores asked for a list of changes that

were needed to update website.

David updated on Master Plan, breakdown on kind of accounts per

Meter sizes. We need a breakdown of meter sizes and how many we

have. Table 2.1 on master plan.

Pers. Manual input and updating. Keep on old business

SDAO template.

SWLCWD Page 3                                           03/11/2020
Haceta Water PUD: Haceta Water PUD also made change from District to PUD.

Meeting helped with the transitions and their job descriptions,

and other water PUD’s They expressed willingly to come down to

show us how they run their PUD and they have about twice

the customers we have.

Bonding and












Bonding issue, Carla has changed her bond to Andy and also to Bond

Don. Don asked how about Dolores, Carla said it would be for

when there is a new manager appointed they should get bonded.

At this juncture, Dolores proposed that instead of hiring a

District Manager and a part time billing specialist,that if

after David’s retirement; she would like the opportunity

to be the Interim on this position. Being an interim until

she is able to prove her managerial skills. In turn this would

be saving from hiring another part time person to just have

two full time employees in the office. Andy suggested that

there should be a proposal to the idea. Dolores agreed to prepare

and submit a proposal.



David Whitlock expressed the need for a credit card that is

needed for short schools and other needs expenses that come up

with education needs. David also suggested that we go through

our local bank for a company credit card.

Adjournment: Don Tucker made a motion to adjourn the meeting;

Andrew Bacigalupo seconded the motion and the

meeting was adjourned at 2:23 pm









Gary Hodges

Secretary, Board of Directors