Policy Statement by Southwest Lincoln County

                                        Water PUD Board of Directors

                                                       March 12, 2014

Utilization Policy, Blodgett Warehouse and Equipment Storage Building History

December 8, 2008,  the US Forest Service approved our Water PUD’s Special Use application, permitting the construction of a new shop/storage building at the Blodgett Water Treatment site.  The purpose and need for this facility was documented as described by attachment #1, dated December 13, 2010 for public distribution at the time.   Construction of this building was essentially completed with occupancy commencing October 1, 2013.   

Utilization of the Blodgett Warehouse & Equipment Storage Building and premises

The Blodgett Warehouse and Equipment storage building will provide space to centralize the storage and maintenance of our vehicles, heavy equipment, and supplies needed to service our water delivery system and provide our customers with high quality water meeting all standards for domestic use.  This building will be available as an adjunct emergency shelter for the Angell Job Corps Center staff/students and nearby community residents in the event of a catastrophic event.

The Board of Directors will annually review and approve uses which meet the intent of our PUD’s current Emergency Management Plan.  This may include storage  of non-perishable, nonflammable emergency and other supplies which benefit our customers, partner agencies and surrounding community.

Purpose & Need Statement  – For public distribution – December 13, 2010

When public emergencies affect our central Oregon coastal communities, it is the goal of Southwest Lincoln County Water PUD to be equipped to deliver a continuing source of clean water to its users, and adjoining communities in need.  To meet this goal, the Southwest Lincoln County Water PUD has developed plans to centralize our service equipment shop and response infrastructure to a location above the designated tsunami zone.  Related to this goal, we have recently installed emergency generators to continue treatment and storage of water in the event of extended power outages.   To help with this, our PUD was awarded a $12,500 grant by the Siletz Indian Tribal Council to assist in the purchase and installation of our new generators, which was recently completed.

Another and important objective, involves the planning and construction of a building that will accommodate and centralize our vehicles and service equipment at our existing water treatment and storage plant north of Yachats on Blodgett Road. This new building will replace our existing equipment storage and shop building now located approximately 4 miles south of Waldport on Highway 101, in a low lying tsunami- designated area, very open to even a minor tsunami incident.  Such an event or other related disaster would cripple our ability to maintain and repair the water delivery system.

To assist us in the construction of our new building, the US Forest Service has increased the amount of land utilized by the Blodgett Treatment Plant under a special use agreement, so as to accommodate the proposed new building.  The Southwest Lincoln County Board of Directors and staff feel that meeting this objective will best be accomplished by developing partnerships with federal, state, county, municipal and community service organizations.

We believe this approach will bring the know-how and help to enable improved community water services and supply in the times of continuing and emergency needs.