Call to Order: The regularly scheduled meeting of the Southwest Lincoln County Water PUD was called to order at 10:00 AM, Wednesday June 12, 2019 by Donald Tucker.

Present: The Directors present were Donald Tucker, Gary Hodges, Lee Parr and William Turner. Also present were Larry Anthony, Andy Bacigalupo, Pete Gintner, Carla Young, David Whitlock and Megan Jones. Public present were Chris Brugato, Michael Fought, Scott Andry, Keven Schreeve and Frankie Petrick.

Conflict of Interest: A conflict of interest was noted by Pete Gintner as public was present. Scott Andry from the City of Waldport was present, and Pete represents both the PUD and the city of Waldport. Pete said he would have to excuse himself if things became adversarial. Don Tucker is also on the Yachats Fire Department Board now.

Minutes: The minutes of the May 15, 2019 rescheduled Board meeting minutes were reviewed. Gary Hodges made a motion to accept the minutes as presented; Bill Turner seconded the motion and the minutes were approved.

Bills: The Directors discussed the bills for June 2019. William Turner made a motion to approve the bills for payment; Gary Hodges seconded the motion and the bills were approved for payment.

Treasury Report: The Treasury Report as of July 31, 2019 was as follows: the balance of the investments 6/30/19 of $653,240.64 was comprised of – General Fund, $118,040.82; Construction Fund, $98,958.89; Equipment Fund, $11,178.81; Water Works Fund, $254,199.64; Bond Fund, $167,126.89 and SDWRF, $3699.59. With the addition of interest for July of $1440.38, the balance in investment accounts is $653,204.64.

Previous Business: The personnel policy is moved back to a later date. The company name will be updated in the policy. Carla was asked to put the office manager and finance officer position into job description format. COLA has a general western region. Still need to figure out how to calculate yearly wage increase. We have found no one to replace Bob Whitson’s Board position for the PUD. We decided to send Bruce Overbeck a letter stating that we would not be giving him a refund and, also sending a copy of Pete’s response to the situation. Carla’s independent contract was tabled until a later date. The Board approved the Budget for the 2019-2020 fiscal year. Andy Bacigalupo moved to approve the budget and Gary seconded the motion.

New Business: Frankie Petrick submitted a 2019 revision of our hydrant management agreement. Also, Dave is to note any new, abandoned or removed hydrants. Chris Brugato, Scott Andry and Michael Fought were here to give an update on the LEOF grant and were here to reiterate how important the intertie in is to this section of the coast. Bill Turner stated that the Board’s priority is our water customers. The total cost for the intertie is approximated at $850,000.00. And Scott Andry was interested in Dave’s thoughts on where the current tie in is. Keven Shreeve was here to talk about the seismic chapter of the master plan being finished as we are beyond the inundation zone. The upgrades Civil West proposes are for commercial flow rates for fire protection and is ready to move forward. We will need an official letter stating that Civil West are our engineers of record.

Correspondence and Reports: We received from Dana Jenkins the results of the election and Andy Bacigalupo, Bill Turner and Bob Whitson were all re-elected.

Adjournment: Gary Hodges made a motion to adjourn the meeting; Bill Turner seconded the motion and the meeting was adjourned at 11:32am.


Gary Hodges Director