The Southwest Lincoln County Water District (SWLCWD) transitioned under State of Oregon statutes from a ‘Water District’ to a ‘Water People’s Utility District’ (SWLCWPUD) through a vote of eligible electors on 17 May 2017.

The ‘Water District’ however, is the entity that must make payments against the Rural Utility Services (RUS) loan (the funds are gathered through the Bond Surcharge part of your water bill). Until that loan is transferred to the SWLCWPUD or paid off in 2027, the SWLCWD will legally remain, functioning solely to pay the RUS loan though the budgeted transfer of funds each year from the SWLCWPUD.

The SWLCWPUD Board of Directors meet on the third Wednesday of the month at 10 AM in the district office at 7740 Highway 101 N, however the location might change during the pandemic. Look for updates on location and any changes on upcoming meetings.

 The SWLCWD Board of Commissioners meet in March, June, September and December, immediately following the Regular Meeting of the SWLCWPUD Board of Directors’


Water District Commissioners:

Donald Tucker – Chairman – Position 2

Term Ends:   06-30-2021


Roxie Cuellar – Vice Chairman – Position 1

Term Ends:  6-30-2021


Larry Anthony –  Commissioner – Position 3

(appointed to fill unexpired term)


Bill Turner – Member-at-Large – Position 4

Term Ends:   06-30-2023


Andy Bacigalupo – Treasurer – Position 5

Term Ends:   06-30-2023



Water People’s Utility District Directors:


Donald Tucker – President – Subdivision 5 Position

Term Ends:   01-02-2023


Roxie Cuellar – Vice-President – Subdivision 1 Position 

Term Ends: 01-02-2025


William Turner  – Subdivision 2 Position

Appointed to fill Unexpired term Ending:   01-02-2023


Franklin Sherkow – Secretary – Subdivision 4 Position

Term Ends: 01-02-2025


Larry Anthony  – Subdivision 3 Position

Term Ends:  01-02-2023