SW Lincoln County Water PUD (SWLCWPUD)

7740 Highway 101 N, Yachats, OR  97498

P.O. Box 368, Waldport, OR  97394

Phone:  541-547-3315

Fax:  541-547-3044

By clicking the submit button, I agree to abide by all rules and regulations of the SWLCWPUD as they now exist or as later changed or amended.  I understand that any delinquent water bills may become a lien against the above premises.  I acknowledge receipt of the SWLCWPUD Water Services, Rates, Fees and Related Rules document.  I understand changes in the foregoing document may be made without notice and will be posted on the SWLCWPUD website and/or in a local public newspaper.

NOTE: If the Billing Mailing Address is NOT the landowner, a written instruction approving the Billing Mailing Address must be provided to the SWLCWPUD by the landowner.

TO ALL APPLICANTS: The SWLCWPUD requires proof of identity in the form of a valid Driver’s License or other valid photo bearing document.  If Commercial, the Taxpayer Identification Number will also be required.

This District is an equal opportunity provider and employer.